Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This is the Collector: Charles H. aka Chuck_Vans_995

This week's Vans collector has a unique resume - Charles H. aka Chuck_Vans_995 from Texas is not only a Vans retail employee but also an on-air personality at 99.5 FM in San Antonio. His style parallels his line of work, drawing inspiration from skateboarding and music. Check out his full interview after the jump.

Name/age/location/shoe size:
Charles H./34 years old/San Antonio, TX/size 12.0
Radio station promotions/on-air personality, Vans store employee
Are you a member of any sneaker forums?
Niketalk: BlackKatTx, Offthewallsite.net: Chuck_Vans_995
When did you start collecting sneakers?
I’ve always been into sneakers, from when I was skating in the ‘80s, into my basketball years in the ‘90s but actively collected starting around 1998.
Why did you start collecting sneakers?
I’ve always liked the look of a nice well constructed shoe - from the early Jordans, to Airwalks and Vision streetwear of the ‘80s, but I have always loved the simple, classic, performance style of Vans.
How often do you pick up new shoes?
I try to pickup new stuff every week, but again I’m not into hype. I buy what I like and what I want.
Do you keep the original shoe boxes?
Always. The box and its artwork are an extension of the shoes themselves in my opinion.
Where do you store your collection?
I have my own office room that I converted into my Vans shoe room/skate decks room. The walls are covered in old Vans store window displays.

How much do you estimate you’ve invested in your collection?
Since I started way back and throughout the years and leading up to today, I would say well over $10,000.
How many sneakers do you currently have?
Well I have about 50 pairs of Nike/Jordan/other skate shoes, but my Vans collection is at 106 pairs right now.
What’s your favorite pair of Vans?
My favorite of all time have always been the Alva series. With my old school style Cabs and Hosois have been a solid shoe for me for years, but recently the OTW line has been putting out a lot of shoes I like.
Which OTW silhouette is your favorite?
I’ve always been a fan of the Alomars and here recently I like the Pritchards.

 What inspires your style?
Skateboarding and old school punk music are my biggest influences, but have always been influenced by what I like and what looks good in my mind.
When looking to add to your collection, what do you look for in a shoe? What do you avoid?
I really look for how the shoe looks (overall design and color concept of the shoe), as well as material. If want a shoe to skate in, I’m going to look for more durable materials. If I’m going to wear them just for fashion, then style color, and materials.
What’s your favorite color or print on sneakers?
My favorite colors have always been black, red, and blue. Nothing looks better than a nice, clean black shoe. Also the brightness of a red or blue shoe that makes people notice them.
What’s your favorite material used on sneakers?
I’ve always been a fan of suede, I know it’s hard to wear suede when it rains, but it’s a nicer material and stands up well while skating also.

What’s your biggest pet peeve about sneaker collecting?
My biggest pet peeve would be hypebeasts/resellers, I only collect vans so I’ve never really ran into them, but from reading blogs etc. I can tell it’s a peeve for a lot of sneaker collectors.
Do you sell or trade sneakers?
I’ve sold before, on Craigslist to local buyers. Too many shady people online and it’s hard to weed out to find the reputable people.
What’s the hardest part about sneaker collecting? What’s the best part?
Hardest part would be searching out to find that diamond in the rough or grail that I’ve been looking for. The best part is finding the diamond in the rough or grail I’ve been looking for after a good hunt of many shops.

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