Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This is the Collector: Bill C. aka DJ Guamstyles

This week's collector is none other than OffTheWallSite.net webmaster Bill C. aka DJ Guamstyles. Guam has been on the forums for years and did the sneaker community a big favor by resurrecting the OTWS Vans sneakerhead fansite and forum in May 2010. Guam is not officially affiliated with Vans but we thank him from the bottom of our waffle soles for his contributions to the Vans community. Check out his profile after the jump!
Name/age/location/shoe size:
Bill C. aka DJ Guamstyles/29 years old/Los Angeles – 626/size 11.5 to 12.0
Geek Squad in-home TV technician
www.djguamstyles.com /www.offthewallsite.net
Are you a member of any sneaker forums?
The usual: Sole Collector, Hypebeast, and the best one of all…Offthewallsite.net!
When did you start collecting sneakers?
I would say I started taking it serious around 2004, when the SB craze was in full effect. All of my homies were into sneakers already, but I wasn’t hip to the game just yet.
Why did you start collecting sneakers?
I fell into the trap of the sneaker culture! Once I started learning about limited edition shoes, I wanted to start hunting them down, following blog info, marking release dates and it just consumed me, like it does to so many others. It definitely is an addiction, most just don’t admit it.
How many sneakers do you currently have?
200+ I think? I just dropped off 50+ pairs to Footage a few weeks ago, because I’m starting to (slowly) realize that I need to let some of this stuff go! Shout outs to Rainier!
Do you deadstock any of your pairs?
I know it’s a controversial issue, but yes I do. The majority of my shoes are still DS brand new. I’m a collector, so condition is a big part of it to me. Others wear once, and then sell for a slight discount. Most consignment shops these days sell mostly “barely worn” shoes, definitely different than a few years ago.
What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for a pair of sneakers?
If you were expecting a crazy journey, or camp out story for a shoe, then sorry! I think time is money, so I don’t endure anything radical for kicks. I have, however enlisted my girlfriend or dad to wait in line a few times, and pick up a pair for me, while I had to work on a weekend!
How often do you pick up new shoes?
Some weeks nothing and other weeks I’ll pick up like 4 pairs. Depends on what the release dates are. I don’t think I’ve gone a month without picking up at least one pair. That’s a goal of mine.
Where do you keep your collection?
In my home, in the dark, sealed in over-sized ziplock bags. No silica packs!
How much do you estimate you’ve invested in your collection?
Hmm…anywhere between $12,000-$16,000 I’m guessing?
What’s your favorite shop to pick up sneakers?
Undefeated…Silver Lake to be exact, for all my new release stuff. Shout outs to Chris! As for consignment shops, we’re lucky in SoCal to have the two dopest spots, Footage, and RIF, to pick from. If you don’t know these spots, you don’t know sneakers! These spots are essential to the evolution of the sneaker culture these days.
What’s your favorite color or print on sneakers?
Black, because it goes with most things that I wear. I’m not a flashy dresser at all.
What’s your favorite material used on sneakers?
Pig Suede, and Canvas are my new favorites for exteriors, but that Dri-fit technology on the inside of a lot of new Vans releases is so comfortable and keeps your foot cool and dry!
What’s your favorite pair of Vans?
Vault Era Dri LX’s are my daily shoe for their unmatched comfort, but I can’t possibly pick just one favorite shoe. I can say that I like Syndicate and Vault the most, out of all Vans!
What’s your biggest pet peeve about sneaker collecting?
Hmm, I take all the bad with a grain of salt. It just makes me stay on my toes, when picking up new releases. If I miss out, then I will just have to pay more for it, if I want a shoe that badly.
When looking to add to your collection, what do you look for in a shoe? What do you avoid?
I look for collaborations with brands that I support. I also look for anything that fits my plain and simple style. No flashy stuff. Lots of earth tones, greys and blacks in my collection!
What’s the hardest part about sneaker collecting?
Believing that I have to get my hands on all of them, I told you it’s an addiction!
What’s the best part about sneaker collecting?
Sharing with your fellow sneaker collectors your recent additions, everyone likes to one up each other.
Do you customize your shoes in any way?
I’ve mastered the art of changing eyelets on my Vans! I really want to try to do a reconstruction job on a pair of Vans. The good customizers out there make it look so damn easy!
What are your other hobbies?
Cars, deejaying, electronics repair, shoe hunting, eating, TiVo, New Era fitted collecting, T-Shirt collecting, vinyl collecting and that’s about it for now!
What inspires your style?
Describe your sense of style:
None at all! Jeans or Dickies, a T-shirt, some dope kicks and a New Era Fitted.
Do you know any other sneaker collectors that collect Vans?
All of the OTWS fam over on www.offthewallsite.net !

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