Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mister Cartoon Guest DJs on KCRW

Raul Campos from KCRW invited OTW Advocate Mister Cartoon to be a part of the station's Guest DJ Project.  Cartoon picked five songs for his guest spot and explained how they influenced his street art.  Take a look at his track list and interview after the jump.

"White Horse" by Laid Back - Cartoon said:
"A lot of people might associate this song, those listening to this station, to some type of club. You know – garage type of music. This is 'White Horse' by Laid Back.  
But in LA, it was in the hood. We all thought it was a bunch of black guys with afros and elevator shoes that drove big Cadillacs. Gangsters, you know what I mean, singing this song. And we found out it was two Swedish guys. [Laughs] I didn’t find that till later man, until computers came out. This song really influenced the street a lot – the low riders. You put this song on right now and you get fired up."

"Since I've Been Loving You" By Led Zeppelin - Cartoon said:
"In the early 90s, when I started muraling cars at the Lifestyle Car Club in East L.A., Boyle Heights area, I had these images about East L.A. and low-riding. It was a bunch of old convicts with big handlebar mustaches, hair combed back, tattoos and multiple felonies. I show up to the parking lot and these guys are listening to Pink Floyd, man. They’re listening to Hendrix and Zeppelin, and all the cars are themed after these classic rock songs. There was a Pink Floyd car that was a pink Lincoln.
These guys were in car clubs in the ‘70s and never left – they just lived in the ghetto. So I had to be educated about it. That stuff really impacted my life – all that classic rock. So, if you see our car club and you see our low riders at a car show, you’ll hear nothing but Zeppelin playing."

"Real Estate" by Cypress Hill - Cartoon said:
These guys, when they did that song, they really made their own type of sound and you can really feel it. You can feel that you’re in a Regal with primer spots and bullet holes in it driving down the street. You experience this stuff. You don’t even have to be a big rap fan to appreciate this song. Cypress Hill affected my life and I know everyone from my generation. It was like one of 'us' made it.

Check out the rest of Cartoon's track list and interview on KCRW's Guest DJ site

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