Monday, March 21, 2011

Via OTW APAC (Asia Pacific): Movie Night at Kin and Ogi Art Show

Jenn Kong in Asia keeps us updated on the city life around her region. She recently stopped by Kin for their movie night in Shanghai and checked out Ogi's art show in Hong Kong. Check it out after the jump.

Kin in Shanghai, the location for Vans Fall 2010 OTW Launch in Asia, is a cultural hub for art, music and street culture. Aside from being a street fashion boutique, Kin serves as a DJ school and restaurant.

Each month Kin hosts a 30 seat screening of unique films. The March film was 1985 Japanese comedy Tampopo.

Ogi ( Ryuichi Ogino) from Tokyo, Japan, showcased the continuation of his series titled "Idealistically Hypocritical" in Hong Kong. His exhibit took place at Above Second Gallery on March 16 and is a continued examination of the "Out of the Context Mash-Up.” Ogi asked over 40 different artists to contribute to his last two exhibitions but in “Idealistically Hypocritical 7,″ Ogi's items were the only art pieces on display. Check out Ogi's work by clicking the image below.

Kin pictures via SuperFuture

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