Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This is the Collector: Chris B. aka Crisone/Crisuno

OTW Advocate Dimitri Coste's massive Vans collection and sneakerhead habits were the inspiration for this new collector piece. Like Coste, Chris B. aka Crisone/Crisuno enjoys the hunt for fresh new kicks and has acquired mountains of footwear. Take a look at some of the Vans in his collection and gain some insight into the mind of a sneakerhead with this brief interview.

Name/age/location/shoe size:
Chris B. aka “Crisone” aka “Crisuno”/35 years old/Bay Area, SF/size 8.0-8.5
Hospital Distribution/Central Supply, Freelance Graphic Design
Are you a member of any sneaker forums?
OffTheWallSite.net (crisone), ISS (crisuno), Hypebeast (crisone)
When did you start collecting sneakers?
I started collecting sneakers around 1990 I would say, but “seriously” started collecting when I had a job and money started to come in was around 1995.
Why did you start collecting sneakers?
I started collecting sneakers because it was/is fun to do, also the thrill of the hunt, especially for those hard to find items, plus the many styles and colors made/makes wouldn’t allow one to stop, therefore, “collecting” starts.
How many sneakers do you currently have?
Hmm, I’ll estimate at around 200 right now, at one point, I was at 600+.
How much do you estimate you’ve invested in your collection?
Oh man, I can’t think of a dollar amount, but let’s just say this; I can either put a good down payment on a house, put my kids through college, or buy a car.
Do you sell or trade sneakers? How?
I sell. I sell through the shoe forums and eBay.
What’s your favorite pair of Vans?

Which OTW silhouette is your favorite?
As of now, the Bedford.
What’s your favorite shop to pick up sneakers?
Not really a shop, but I would say the shoe forums, for the fact that you can negotiate.
What’s your favorite color on sneakers? Why? Black/ black or black because it can be worn with everything and you can’t see denim stains.
What’s your favorite material used on sneakers? Why?
Perforated Leather, Leather, and Suede. They make the shoe look fierce with a high sense of quality.
What’s the best part about sneaker collecting?
What’s the hardest part about sneaker collecting?
Keeping it.
What’s your biggest pet peeve about sneaker collecting?
Selling it, regretting it, and paying more to buy it back.
Describe your sense of style:
Simple but effective.
What inspires your style?
What everyone is wearing out there…….the opposite of that.

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