Thursday, March 10, 2011

Are You a Collector?

Before he was an OTW Advocate, French filmmaker/photographer Dimitri Coste was (and still is) a Vans sneakerhead. In 2006, Coste was profiled in our "Stories of the Sole" book and opened up about why he started his collection of footwear. "Since 1966, Vans has simply made great shoes. As a kid growing up in France in the early '80s, I craved those shoes, the same shoes I was seeing BMX riders and skaters wearing in the magazines," he confessed. Over the past two decades, sneaker collecting has evolved into its own culture and with the advancements in technology, sneakerheads across the globe are able to connect via forums and social media. Do you have a sick collection of kicks and are passionate about the shoe game? Feel free to contact me via our Facebook or Twitter for your chance to be profiled on the Vans OTW site.

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