Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Young Talented Edwin Negado

I take great pleasure in witnessing young creative folks pursue their dreams. I met Edwin Negado while I was attending university in San Diego many years ago when he was then a high school student and I always admired his innate sense of style and his inquisitive ability to take interest in the curious things of life. When I found out recently that he was chosen among the elite few to partake in the prestigious advertising programme - WK12 - at Wieden + Kennedy, I not only felt proud but validated for knowing that WK12 had selected an excellent candidate. I see great things unfolding in the future for young Edwin, he might very well become an extremely influential person in the world of advertising, art and design. Hence it was only appropriate to align a person of good taste with a brand of good taste. Vans OTW has made great strides in the last several months in redefining casual footwear for the burgeoning class of young creatives and the proof, as they say, can be found in the pudding.

Here are a few kind words from Edwin himself (which happens to also be the title of his wonderful blog). Kind thanks again Edwin and we look forward to your future growth!

"OTW range finds it way to close the gap between lifestyle and skateboarding by taking a design-forward approach. The aesthetic is modern without straying too far away from the core values of skateboarding that Vans has been synonymous with. Unlike the rest of the Vans collections, the Off the Wall advocates are, photographers, illustrators and designers. Within the package was a pair of their slim-profile, low-cut Larkins and a pair of chukka-inspired Alomars. These are my first pairs of OTW’s and so far, the Larkins have been my daily walkers. Super comfortable and pretty much feel broken-in right out of the box."

Source: Edwin Himself

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