Wednesday, December 8, 2010

OTW LOVE From Breaking Bread Sessions

Vince and Matt of Breaking Bread - - are serious about two things: Food and Art. The Canadian duo has made an ambitious effort in the last few months in creating a unique perspective of learning about creative folks while sharing a meal, all of which is later available via podcast. Naturally the boys share a fine aesthetic in their choice of footwear, OTWs of course. 

Meet Vince and Matt below:

Vince of Breaking Bread rocking a pair of herringbone OTW Larkins

Matt of Breaking Bread also rocking a pair of herringbone Larkins.
Love the Dog!

Of course you also have heard about Complex magazine's recent list of "50 Tattoo Artists You Need To Know," of which OTW's very own Mister Cartoon made a solid number 2 ranking. The boys at Breaking Bread recently sat down with ranking number 6, Mr. James Acrow. Take a listen to the interview here -

Here's an additional short film on James Acrow below:

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