Thursday, December 9, 2010

L.E.S. Staple Max Fish Closing By End of January

Photo Credit: The Gothamist

Rumors have been spinning lately that famed L.E.S. staple bar Max Fish was closing, and unfortunately those rumors have been confirmed to be true. According to The Gothamist, "in May owner Ulli Rimkus tried to relocate her bar to another location in the neighborhood because of skyrocketing rent," yet her attempts were met with a refusal from the community board.

For the OTW advocates, Max Fish holds not only a dear place in its heart due to its twenty year history, the bar also marks the debut of the OTW tour in the east coast earlier this year. The bar has been a haven for skaters, artists and designers over the last few years and represents one of the last bastion of communal spaces of a pre-gentrified Lower East Side. It is with much sadness to see Max Fish end its legacy.

Source: The Gothamist

OTW Advocate and a frequent DJ at Max Fish, Ako Jefferson (One half member of 'The Blackouts') sent us this video to give you guys a glance of how the scene at Max Fish is during one of many special nights.

A snippet of Jeru's surprise performance at 3am on the last 55th night of Max Fish on 178 Ludlow Street. DJ Prolific on the 1's & 2's. Spanky on the BGP's. $3 "Kill the Landlord" Special on the Chalkboard.

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