Thursday, December 2, 2010

Esther Can Draw

Lately I've been finding my recent walks around downtown Los Angeles to be miniature odysseys, where I bump into the most random yet familiar of faces. It is with that introduction that I now may introduce to you a very talented friend of mine, Ms. Esther. I've known Esther for several years, she's an interesting one; being that she's a Korean who was born in Japan and now she lives in the U.S., and yes she can speak all three languages. Aside from her tril-lingual brain, she also happens to be an amazing illustrator.  In the past she's worked with Anna Sui, Nylon (Japan & U.S.), Ellegirl Korea, Isetan, Kid Robot and Urban Outfitters.

To see some of Esther's work, go to

Here's a few samples of her work below:

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