Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Director Savant Austin Saya

It's rare to meet creative minds these days. After all, with the tide of tumblr fashion blogs at its peak who isn't "creative" these days (wink)? I recently met Austin Saya via Mr. Senna a few weeks ago. Like Senna, Saya is also a recent transplant to Los Angeles by way of Atlanta Georgia. He's only been in LA for no more that 6 months and the man has been hustling his way into Hollywood. When I met Austin, it struck me instantly that the man was a storyteller. It could've been the Jules Verne books on his bookshelf, or maybe it was his instant enthusiasm for his love of narrative, or maybe it was this music video that he showed me that of which is having its exclusive debut today.

CLICK PLAY and witness the works of the next great talent to hit the film industry. Dive into Austin Saya's vision of Blue Sky Black Death's "Heart Attack" feat. Yes Alexander.

PS. And yes Austin enjoys his OTW Larkins rather well mind you.

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