Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Art of Moving Art

We've seen our fair share of art and technology fusing together to create something new but it's not often that the result is so literally interpreted in the manual of arts. Take a look at the work of Willem van Weeghel in his project aptly entitled 'Dynamic Structure 29117' where the idea of moving art that is taken to a new level.

According to Creative Applications:

"Dynamic Structure 29117 is the latest in the collection of kinetic structures created by Willem van Weeghel in the last year. The 29117 is a mural object with dimensions of 4.20 x 2.80 m. It consists of a white background and 32 dark blue lines. These lines (made of thin stainless steel and carbon) can all rotate independently from each other. There are eight groups of 4 lines that rotate into each other. Every line is moved by a completely silent electrical motor. So in total 32 motors and no sound. The motors are driven by an integrated operating system with custom made software written in PLC (c-based) that allows precise positioning."

Source: Creative Applications

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