Friday, December 31, 2010

PROJECT Magazine

Sir Richard Branson who reigns over his Virgin empire likes to lead by example whether it's running his record label, his airline, his intergalactic space travel agency and his latest project, aptly entitled PROJECT, the first iPad based magazine that is sure to set a new precedent in multimedia and literature consumption. PROJECT is seeking to publish a crowd-sourced issue in the coming months and are asking for submissions. Find out more about the project here -

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BMW Does Extreme Sports

There are daredevils among us and Chris Pfeiffer is one such person. His recent stunt puts his BMW G450X head to head against a BMW designed Olympic Bobsleigh manned by Christoph Langen. Witness the results below.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Via Ako: New Years Eve At Max Fish

Design: Andrew Kuo

As 2010 draws to an end, Vans OTW advocates Atiba & Ako Jefferson (aka The Blackouts) along with artist friend, Andrew Kuo will be hosting and djing a 2010 New Years Ever party at Max Fish. Here's to a new year and more importantly a new decade!

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Young Talented Edwin Negado

I take great pleasure in witnessing young creative folks pursue their dreams. I met Edwin Negado while I was attending university in San Diego many years ago when he was then a high school student and I always admired his innate sense of style and his inquisitive ability to take interest in the curious things of life. When I found out recently that he was chosen among the elite few to partake in the prestigious advertising programme - WK12 - at Wieden + Kennedy, I not only felt proud but validated for knowing that WK12 had selected an excellent candidate. I see great things unfolding in the future for young Edwin, he might very well become an extremely influential person in the world of advertising, art and design. Hence it was only appropriate to align a person of good taste with a brand of good taste. Vans OTW has made great strides in the last several months in redefining casual footwear for the burgeoning class of young creatives and the proof, as they say, can be found in the pudding.

Here are a few kind words from Edwin himself (which happens to also be the title of his wonderful blog). Kind thanks again Edwin and we look forward to your future growth!

"OTW range finds it way to close the gap between lifestyle and skateboarding by taking a design-forward approach. The aesthetic is modern without straying too far away from the core values of skateboarding that Vans has been synonymous with. Unlike the rest of the Vans collections, the Off the Wall advocates are, photographers, illustrators and designers. Within the package was a pair of their slim-profile, low-cut Larkins and a pair of chukka-inspired Alomars. These are my first pairs of OTW’s and so far, the Larkins have been my daily walkers. Super comfortable and pretty much feel broken-in right out of the box."

Source: Edwin Himself

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The Art of Lush

Artist Lush enjoys challenging the boundaries of where street art and graffiti art collide. This particular poster art he created in a recent exhibit sums up his ideologies quite well. Below are a few more examples of his work. One wonders if he is a proponent of street art or if he relishes in playing the graffiti court jester...interesting art nonetheless.

Source: Rebel Art

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Drawing Thy Neighbor

Photo credit: Club Mumble

Jason Polan isn't your everyday artist, although he does draw everyday, in fact he is attempting to capture every moment of his life through his sketches. In the last two years, Polan has attempted to record his daily encounters. The project bridges voyeurism and anthropology resulting in some interesting perspectives of New York city as a whole.

For more on Jason, go to his personal site -

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Do Not Touch Chair

An interesting factoid: Did you know that the average time a person will contemplate an art piece is no longer than 59 seconds? Artist Dominic Wilcox decided to challenge this fact, literally with his 'Do Not Touch Chair' installation at The Gopher Hole gallery in London. His installation seeks to provoke and fascinate the observer through its inherent interactive absurdity. Take a look at the film below to grasp Wilcox's critique.

For more information, go to​chair.htm

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

OTW LOVE From Solediction's 2010 Gift Guide

A very kind thanks to the gentlemen at Solediction for including Vans OTW in their latest Holiday 2010 Gift Guide. Among the range of products, Solediction highlighted two OTW models, the Alomars and Larkins.  The boys did a fine photography job as well, take a look below. 

OTW Alomar

OTW Larkin
Source: Solediction

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The more the world progresses, the more we realize that we are all interconnected. Director Tom Shadyac found this realization after a near death accident. Famously known in Hollywood as the film director behind Ace Ventura, Nutty Professor and Bruce Almighty, 'I AM' seeks to ask questions to some of the world's most brilliant people in finding solutions to our world. This isn' your typical green peace save the planet type of film. This film centers around the sense of real urgency to stem hurt and create positive change to make a difference while we are here. Take a look at the trailer below and prepare to be moved.

For more on the film, go to

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Via Dimitri: March LA.B AM 1

OTW advocate Dimitri Coste recently wrapped up a short film project with watch company March LA.B featuring the AM1 model as well as Cassidy Alexei and March LA.B Co-founder/Designer Jerome Mage. Filmed last June in Los Angeles, take a look.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Rockaway Taco

The Selby has long been a great site destination to take a look at how some of the most creative people in this world live their lives. Selby's recent foray into film shows the intimate lifestyle behind Rockaway Taco. I particularly love the film for showing the heart and soul of this town and the various characters that inhabit it. Get inspired and click on the video below.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Unkle: Runaway

The Pointman figure from Unkle has long been an interesting character created by Brooklyn based artist Futura in his work for James Lavelle's Mo' Wax label of the Psyence Ficton and Never Never Land albums. Director John Nolan has graduated the figure into full motion graphics. Take a look below!

Source: Sidewalk Hustle

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HighSnobiety Previews Vans OTW Pritchard

Vans OTW is bringing some new gems into our range. HighSnobiety were so kind to preview an upcoming new silhouette come Spring 2011. The Pritchard is a new step of sophistication for the OTW brand, we look forward to seeing these on your feet soon!

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OTW LOVE From Nice Kicks

A very kind thanks to Nice Kicks for previewing the upcoming Vans OTW Bedford Spring 2011 range of new colors and fabrics. We anticipate you will be enjoying these latest renditions of our 'Bedford' model come this upcoming new year.

Source: Nice Kicks

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The Art of Moving Art

We've seen our fair share of art and technology fusing together to create something new but it's not often that the result is so literally interpreted in the manual of arts. Take a look at the work of Willem van Weeghel in his project aptly entitled 'Dynamic Structure 29117' where the idea of moving art that is taken to a new level.

According to Creative Applications:

"Dynamic Structure 29117 is the latest in the collection of kinetic structures created by Willem van Weeghel in the last year. The 29117 is a mural object with dimensions of 4.20 x 2.80 m. It consists of a white background and 32 dark blue lines. These lines (made of thin stainless steel and carbon) can all rotate independently from each other. There are eight groups of 4 lines that rotate into each other. Every line is moved by a completely silent electrical motor. So in total 32 motors and no sound. The motors are driven by an integrated operating system with custom made software written in PLC (c-based) that allows precise positioning."

Source: Creative Applications

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Hypebeast Highlights OTW Bedford Spring '11

OTW continues to expand colors and fabrications of its popular models. The Bedford comes in different renditions that will surely capture your attention. Kind thanks to Hypebeast for their continuing support.

Source: Hypebeast

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Tron Interactive Halfpipe

Just when you thought the anticipation for Tron couldn't get any more inventive, leave it up to Melbourne based interactive agency Eness to create this interactive halfpipe on behalf of Tron's film promotion. Words simply cannot express this interesting installation. Take a look for yourself below!

Source: Engadget

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The Art of Looptaggr

Looptaggr is a project by Ariel Schlesinger and Aram Bartholl to resolve the problem of tagging on the go. An interesting take on how graffiti art and technology are coming together. Click the video to see Looptaggr in action!

For more information, go to -

Source: Today and Tomorrow

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New York Times Feature on Max Fish

We posted about the closing of Max Fish a week ago and today the venerable New York Times has published an article drawing back the history of founding of Max Fish. There's also a few cameos from friends of Vans OTW such as Dave Ortiz of DQM (Dave's Quality Meats) to Kevin "Spanky" Long.

Take a read below via the source link and learn about Max Fish and what the bar has planned for their closing.

Source: The New York Times

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Six Foot Seven Foot

Hip hop might not be much of a subject we mention here but the new track "Six Foot Seven Foot" from Lil Wayne featuring Cory Gunz transcends mere music genre.

According to Pitchfork Media:

'On "6'7"", Wayne teams up with Bronx rapper Cory Gunz and "A Milli" producer Bangladesh, going nuts over a sample of "Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)".'

You can hear the direct track here: You Heard That New

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Director Savant Austin Saya

It's rare to meet creative minds these days. After all, with the tide of tumblr fashion blogs at its peak who isn't "creative" these days (wink)? I recently met Austin Saya via Mr. Senna a few weeks ago. Like Senna, Saya is also a recent transplant to Los Angeles by way of Atlanta Georgia. He's only been in LA for no more that 6 months and the man has been hustling his way into Hollywood. When I met Austin, it struck me instantly that the man was a storyteller. It could've been the Jules Verne books on his bookshelf, or maybe it was his instant enthusiasm for his love of narrative, or maybe it was this music video that he showed me that of which is having its exclusive debut today.

CLICK PLAY and witness the works of the next great talent to hit the film industry. Dive into Austin Saya's vision of Blue Sky Black Death's "Heart Attack" feat. Yes Alexander.

PS. And yes Austin enjoys his OTW Larkins rather well mind you.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Intangible Graffiti of Magic Colorz

It's true graffiti is a crime but that doesn't take away from the art that it represents. What I always found to be so interesting about graffiti writers is the ability to execute under extreme time constraints, as the ever watchful eye of the law is over them. Take a look at how the process of "invisible" graffiti writing can equally be mischievous, brazen and oh so beautiful.

Source: Today and Tomorrow

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Matt Meyerson of Plopculture and RPRT is a producer for an upcoming surf documentary entitled "Isolated." According to the press release, "The film is also executive produced by Geoff Clark and actor Ryan Phillipe. A handful of pro surfers as they go on a journey to Papua New Guinea where no surfers have gone before. In the process of seeking out untouched reef breaks they find epic empty surf, meet indigenous peoples, encounter cannibalism and uncover governmental genocide (which got us an invite to screen the film at the United Nations once it is complete)."

Take a look of the trailer below and feel the tension and excitement of the journey. Among the music featured on the trailer is a song entitled "Desert Convoy" by Baron. Enjoy!

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Friday, December 10, 2010

OTW LOVE From Msenna & Co.

I mentioned the other week of meeting Matt Senna, a young creative who is a recent transplant from Atlanta, Georgia. Matt was so kind to mention his pair of OTW Alomars on his personal blog. Kind thanks!

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hypebeast Highlights OTW Spring '11 Woessner Preview

OTW is expanding its range introducing new models. Take note of the new outsoles. These Woessners can be worn for both formal and informal occasions.

Source: Hypebeast

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L.E.S. Staple Max Fish Closing By End of January

Photo Credit: The Gothamist

Rumors have been spinning lately that famed L.E.S. staple bar Max Fish was closing, and unfortunately those rumors have been confirmed to be true. According to The Gothamist, "in May owner Ulli Rimkus tried to relocate her bar to another location in the neighborhood because of skyrocketing rent," yet her attempts were met with a refusal from the community board.

For the OTW advocates, Max Fish holds not only a dear place in its heart due to its twenty year history, the bar also marks the debut of the OTW tour in the east coast earlier this year. The bar has been a haven for skaters, artists and designers over the last few years and represents one of the last bastion of communal spaces of a pre-gentrified Lower East Side. It is with much sadness to see Max Fish end its legacy.

Source: The Gothamist

OTW Advocate and a frequent DJ at Max Fish, Ako Jefferson (One half member of 'The Blackouts') sent us this video to give you guys a glance of how the scene at Max Fish is during one of many special nights.

A snippet of Jeru's surprise performance at 3am on the last 55th night of Max Fish on 178 Ludlow Street. DJ Prolific on the 1's & 2's. Spanky on the BGP's. $3 "Kill the Landlord" Special on the Chalkboard.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

OTW LOVE From Plopculture

When you're in the 'industry' for a while, you meet people from all walks of life. Rarely is it that you keep in touch with the same people over time. Matt Meyerson of RPRT is one such person I've had the pleasure of meeting a few years ago, he possessed a genuine spirit and a ready laughter. To say the man is well connected is an understatement. Matt also runs a great blog called Plopculture, an introspective look at the industry through unfiltered eyes. Recently Matt gave a special shout on his site spotlighting Vans OTW. Kind Thanks once again Matt!

Source: Plopculture

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Google Fashion Show

Directed by Kosai Sekine for Google Japan, the Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo team produced a very novel commercial to demonstrate Google images. The idea is so simple and brilliant. Take a look below and experience the magic.

Source: Robbin Waldemar

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OTW LOVE From Breaking Bread Sessions

Vince and Matt of Breaking Bread - - are serious about two things: Food and Art. The Canadian duo has made an ambitious effort in the last few months in creating a unique perspective of learning about creative folks while sharing a meal, all of which is later available via podcast. Naturally the boys share a fine aesthetic in their choice of footwear, OTWs of course. 

Meet Vince and Matt below:

Vince of Breaking Bread rocking a pair of herringbone OTW Larkins

Matt of Breaking Bread also rocking a pair of herringbone Larkins.
Love the Dog!

Of course you also have heard about Complex magazine's recent list of "50 Tattoo Artists You Need To Know," of which OTW's very own Mister Cartoon made a solid number 2 ranking. The boys at Breaking Bread recently sat down with ranking number 6, Mr. James Acrow. Take a listen to the interview here -

Here's an additional short film on James Acrow below:

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