Monday, November 8, 2010

The Work of Andrew Kuo

Since I was a child in school, charts have always seemed to intimidate me. It wasn't so much the logic behind those charts, rather it was all that data that really didn't apply to how I looked at the world. Lucky for me, the graphic interpretations of Andrew Kuo has made looking at charts less of a phobia and more of a fascination. I actually met Andrew via a brief introduction by OTW advocates Ako and Atiba over a few drinks, yet it didn't occur to me that I was actually familiar with Andrew's work until a few weeks later. 

Andrew's take on charts is an art form in itself, as the data that Andrew so meticulously gathers and interprets is only half the process in his eventual creations. Not only is Andrew constantly accessing and crunching various personal factoid together, the charts provide a humorous take of how we could theoretically view our lives.

Here's a discussion with Andrew Kuo and Friendzy! to listen into Kuo's thoughts:

For more on Andrew Kuo, go to

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