Monday, November 15, 2010

Spring For Coffee LOVE For VANS OTW

For anyone that resides in downtown LA, it would be safe bet to say that pretty much everyone has walked in and ordered a cup of joe from Spring For Coffee which is located at 548 South Spring on the corner of 6th St. And for those who haven't stopped in, we highly recommend that you do and give a hello and good tidings to the boys: William Miyazaki, Alex Corona and Leon Li. Each and every occasion I've had an opportunity to swing through, I've always walked away tasting a new grain of coffee, freshly ground and personally filtered. There always seems to be a line of patient customers, they come here because they understand that to ensure a good tasting brew, patience is the ultimate virtue. 

It was natural that the boys who cherish such exquisite taste would also be fans of Vans OTW. Connoisseurs of good taste knows no boundaries. 

To learn more about Spring For Coffee, go to their facebook page.

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