Monday, November 29, 2010

Chasing Cormorans

Ever hear of haunted music? I'm not necessarily talking about scary music, I'm talking about music that will play backwards simply by movement from a person. Polish design group, panGenerator has created a unique device created for the recent conference for the Polish National Audiovisual Institute. Entitled 'Chasing Cormorans 2.0,' the device plays a record backwards and forwards pending on the viewers position.

According to Designboom:

"The song is an old polish hit by Piotr Szczepanik , ‘Goniąc Kormorany’ (Chasing Cormorans) which the group transcribed on a custom vinyl plate. Instead of spinning in the forward direction, the record player is run by an arduino board which tracks the movement of the viewer. Their movement and speed is measured and then transferred to the record playing, giving the user control of the playing."

The results are hipster fun times with a dark creepy twist. Take a look below:

For more on panGenerator, go to -

Source: Designboom

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