Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Night at HAMMER

Last night my good friend Mario Gonzalez debut his short film, 'Mazel Tuff' at Hammer Museum's Open Projector Night hosted by the Skylar brothers: Randy and Jason. The event drew a large crowd of folks from all walks of life. They served cheap beers and free popcorn. 

The Skylar brothers currently have a short segment show on ESPN's SportsCenter called "The Bracket," but some of you might recognize these guys for their witty acerbic commentary on pop culture on VH1's "I Love The 80s."

The submissions for Open Projector night is open for the public so we all were experiencing the video set together. The brothers encouraged us to boo or cheer through the first two minutes of the video which would determine if video would continue to play on. Some of the films were funny and there were some that nearly made you delirious.

A video called "F**k Your Sh*t" ended up taking the prize.

Afterwards, Jim (Hammer) invited us upstairs to enter the fun house installation they had on the second floor. It's the kind of place where gravity plays tricks on you.

Play the video below to grasp how strange and awesome this room is. Hammer Rules!

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