Monday, November 8, 2010

Neck Face Featured On Hypebeast

A friend of Vans and an established artist in his own right, Neckface has certainly carved out his own identity and following. Hypebeast recently has featured an interview with Neckface.

Here's are a few excerpts:

What is it about horror and morbidity that interests you?
Death and horror is my expertise, I just like the look on someones face when they are getting close to death. To me it’s all a funny act. In Mexico death is celebrated cause your going on to another world, so f**k it if you are going die, you might as well start celebrating now.


How does a Mexican upbringing factor into your inspirations of work?
In Mexican culture, we really aren't afraid of death. We just accept it and try to make the best of it.

Did you ever imagine people paying money for your art work? Has it changed your idea of art?
I never knew n****s would pay for my artwork let alone show up to my show. It doesn’t change the way I do my thing and I would still be doing it even if nobody bought my stuff. For my artwork, I got to do it, Satan is counting on me.

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