Monday, November 1, 2010

MOCA Director Jeffrey Deitch' Home Tour

Jeffrey Deitch has been a welcome addition to the MOCA, his rebellious streak in supporting and celebrating independent artists in New York since the hey day era of Andy Warhol is well documented. His recent move to Los Angeles has certainly raised eye brows with his debut show he curated celebrating the life of Dennis Hopper (Mr. Hopper was then alive at the time when plans were already underway and his sudden death was a surprise for everyone), has received both commercial and critical praise. Already he is underway to embark on his second show which will incorporate the melding of street art and fine art. Among the artists chosen for this audacious new project is Vans OTW's very own Mister Cartoon.

Fashion site Nowness recently filmed a tour with Jeffrey Deitch at his new home in Los Feliz. Listen in to hear Mr. Deitch take regarding the art scene in Los Angeles and his unique perspective of how he sees LA as the next cultural mecca.

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