Friday, November 5, 2010

Michael Jackson...

The life of a pop icon surprises even me in this day and age. Especially in today's day of technology, the gossip mills and the paper chasers all run in unison, one body producing and the other consuming information. There have been rumors regarding a post humous album release by Michael Jackson but I bet you didn't think it would actually happen, and certainly not one that would conveniently be released right before the holidays. Whether you are a fan of MJ or not, I think anyone would agree that the fascination of his life during his subsequent passing has become a spawn of a new sort of fandom in pop culture. 

The album of unreleased new music is expected for release on December 14. It would seem there is already controversy surrounding the album, rumors that the voice on the album is in fact an impersonator of Michael Jackson. All this however, has not stopped the pop icon's juggernaut status as his albums continue to sell, his film released after his death, "This Is It" has broken box office records (cashing $260 million), there's even an MJ video game and a full out Cirque de Soleil tour dedicated to Michael. Business is certainly booming and if ever is a time to release a "new" album, it would make sense that it would be while the MJ element in the zeitgeist is red hot. The question however still beckons, is the release of such music ethical and sacrilegious to the man who was known to be a perfectionist, or is this the sign of the times where one's entity is being pushed and prodded by the powers that be in popular media. I suppose we all need to wait and see...

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