Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jay-Z's 'Decoded'

Jay-Z is a musician and a business mogul. It doesn't take one to be a fan of hip hop to appreciate Jay-Z as a powerful cultural entity. There's always been a great deal of talk among marketing and creative circles about the importance of 'influencers' among us, those silent yet nuanced individuals with their nuanced tastes that eventually effect the masses. Malcolm Gladwell demonstrated this theory ever so eloquently via his 'Tipping Point' book. What I find to be more interesting in the case of Jay-Z is the pronounced wave of singular influence that not only effects the masses but also effects those said nuanced individuals themselves. Jay-Z is a master of words and his mastery of words has allowed him to take apart and deconstruct the world around him. He didn't come from a world of access but he did understand that he inherently contained that genius ability to access the world.

It wasn't too much of a surprise that Jay-Z would eventually publish a book that would not only celebrate his lyrical mastery but more so, educate its readers and in turn his listeners to the varied hidden messages that weave within his music.

Listen in to Jay-Z speak with CNN Money regarding his 'Decoded'.

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