Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Self Aviary For Matisyahu

An old dear friend of mine named Mazik has recently worked with Matisyahu on his latest music video. I've been a fan of Mazik's work since he worked with T.I. a while back. Coincidentally enough, and I genuinely mean this, I am a diehard fan of Matisyahu as well, so it is with much pleasure I get to present this video to you guys. Enjoy!

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Chasing Cormorans

Ever hear of haunted music? I'm not necessarily talking about scary music, I'm talking about music that will play backwards simply by movement from a person. Polish design group, panGenerator has created a unique device created for the recent conference for the Polish National Audiovisual Institute. Entitled 'Chasing Cormorans 2.0,' the device plays a record backwards and forwards pending on the viewers position.

According to Designboom:

"The song is an old polish hit by Piotr Szczepanik , ‘Goniąc Kormorany’ (Chasing Cormorans) which the group transcribed on a custom vinyl plate. Instead of spinning in the forward direction, the record player is run by an arduino board which tracks the movement of the viewer. Their movement and speed is measured and then transferred to the record playing, giving the user control of the playing."

The results are hipster fun times with a dark creepy twist. Take a look below:

For more on panGenerator, go to - http://pangenerator.com

Source: Designboom

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Via Dimitri: Chez Coste

Sideburn magazine recently mentioned a recent motorcycle project by Vans OTW advocate Dimitri Coste.

Dimitri quips:

"I was just coming back from Ateliers Chatokhine where Frank Chatokhine
 was making magic happen
with his mechanic skills. The bike was just about finished and ready to be shipped. 
A few British journalists from Sideburn magazine who were on their way to Milan made a stop at Le
they freaked out when they saw the bike which was prepped for off-road."

For more on Sideburn Magazine, go to - http://sideburnmag.blogspot.com

Ben 'Nathan Barley' Part and Dimitri Coste 

Dimitri likes Bell.

Source: Sideburn Magazine

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Young Emily Malan

It rained last night which meant clear skies and a fresh rush of clean air for once in Los Angeles. I've never seen Downtown's skyline look so clean and austere.

An old face swung by to say hello. Meet young Emily Malan, a photographer who is on the fast track, determined to make a name for herself. In the past I've worked with Emily on a few projects. She's planning to move to the Big Apple in a few months to prove her talent.

Here's a few samples of her work below:

To see more of Emily's work, go to http://www.emilymalan.com

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Bruce Munro's Light Shower

Art installations are always interesting to look into, more so to study how such an installation was put together and what basis in terms of engineering comes to effect the art object itself.  UK based artist Bruce Munro demonstrates this quite admirably through his 'Light Shower' sculptural work on display at the Salisbury Cathedral.

According to Design Boom, "the installation consists of 2, 000 shimmering points of light / teardrop diffusers, each set at the end of a fiber optic thread, all cascading downwards from the cathedral's spire crossing. The volume of the piece measures 10m x 10m x 7m, taking over an area which is comparable to the size of a modest house. Within the cathedral, which dates back to 1258 and that is 134.7m long and 123m in height at its highest point, 'light shower' hovers like a cloud of luminescence."

The overall result of 'Light Shower' is equivalent to a religious experience, a sense of reverence seems to compliment the cathedral as well. 'Light Shower' will officially be turned on November 20, 2010 and will remain lit till January 2011.

Source: Design Boom

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Six Hundred Los Angeles is an apparel store located on 600 South Spring St, between 6th and 7th. The store's unique location isn't the only thing that's great about this store, their inventory boasts a bevy of LA based designers such as Laeken, Han Cholo, Cavoi and Eclectic denim company.

(Store manager Orlando Reneau & Store owner Alan Le Buano Jr)

Store manager Orlando Reneau is holding down Sixhundred along with his crispy black pair of OTW Alomars. In case you happen to be in downtown, be sure to step into Sixhundred for new fashion finds.

For more on Sixhundred, go to - http://www.sixhundredla.com

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

OTW Advocate Mister Cartoon Featured In New York Times

It's no secret that the cost for a tattoo from OTW advocate Mister Cartoon can run up to tens of thousands of dollars. The Marcel has hosted an artist-in-residence series where Mister Cartoon will be conducting private tattoo sessions. The New York Times recently featured a story on Mister Cartoon regarding his Marcel residency.

An excerpt from the article reads below:

For Mister Cartoon, 40, who has done two previous tattoo sessions at the hotel in the last year, the promotions offer a chance to visit New York — a place that has captivated him since he saw Fab 5 Freddy painting graffiti in the music video for the Blondie song “Rapture” — and to practice his art in a nicer setting.

“I’ve worked in a lot of hard spots — garages, inside of nightclubs, that’s the worst,” he said. “But this is very comfortable, and it’s important that it be a comfortable setting to do this type of art. Most tattoo places, it’s like, ‘You want to get a tattoo or what?’ That’s the sales pitch.”

Source: NY Times

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One Thousand Two Hundred Hot Wheels To Be Exact

What kid in America hasn't grown up with Hot Wheels? What kid in America decides to create a race track to race 1,200 cars and 13 toy trans zippers? That kid would be world renown fine artist Mr. Chris Burden of course. As a new art installation at the Los Angeles County of Modern Art, you too can enjoy this fine spectacle of engineering madness. There's actually a great interview with Chris Burden that you could take a read here at Evil Monito.

Source: Dvice

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Via Ako: Blake Griffin's Slam Dunk

Often times overlooked and not given enough credit, Los Angeles' other team, The Clippers have recently been making a few headlines with their choice of young players. Take a look at this monstrous dunk by Blake Griffin. Thanks for the heads up Ako!

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Takashi of Kapsoul

Downtown is a place where you keep on bumping into the same faces and you develop actual conversations that might last up to a year. Takashi Masuda is one of those friendly characters you will see roaming around the streets in fashionable attire. Of course the fact that most of his goods are also sold at his vintage store, Kapsoul is of no consequence.

Takashi carries a wide range of vintage finds, everything from fedoras to eyeframes to vintage MCM leather attache bags. His store, Kapsoul is one of the original new stores to have cropped around downtown the last few years. I know business isn't as breezy as it would've been had he opened up a shop in Los Feliz or Silverlake but I think he tapped in right when the timing was right. Art Walk, an event that takes place every second Thursday has insured a steady flow of customers entering his store. Downtown Los Angeles is steadily growing and small businesses like Takashi's Kapsoul are creating real momentum for this burgeoning community.

For more on Kapsoul, go to www.kapsoulstore.com

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Luke Meier For Vans Syndicate

We at Vans OTW support family. The latest short film coming from the Vans Syndicate program in association with Supreme designer Luke Meier is a work of art.

The shoe itself is a brand new silhouette: Suede upper with leather details on a classic Vans last. Original waffle sole. Vulcanized construction. The shoe was designed to be skated, not collected.

Luke Meier is a designer based in New York and Paris. He would like to extend his gratitude to the Vans Syndicate staff, Supreme, Ill Studio, and Kahlil Joseph and his entire film crew for the support and efforts they put into this project.

Black, burgundy, and golden brown colorways available at authorized Syndicate dealers.

Supreme colorway available exclusively at Supreme stores worldwide on November 26, 2010.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Coffee With Matt Senna

The internet is a place for interconnection. I met Matt Senna via twitter and he just moved to Downtown Los Angeles all the way from Atlanta, Georgia. Matt possesses a wide range of design skill sets, from apparel graphics to interior design. He also runs a cool culture blog called 'The Takeover' - http://thebreaksover.com

Matt's own line 'Jamie Marx', a social conscious apparel line. Their manifesto exclaims,

"We will no longer sit back and watch people be blind to issues surrounding us. We are out to create a cultural revolution through knowledge and awareness. Free your self by challenging what is fed to you and find the truths through education and rebellion."

Here are a few examples of his work:
Peace Grenade


Don't Shoot Me Down

It's good to know there are people like Matt Senna out there who understand the importance of substance and social message. We should all support our local independent designers and artists out there who advance the culture. A pleasure to meet with you bro and see you around downtown.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Night at HAMMER

Last night my good friend Mario Gonzalez debut his short film, 'Mazel Tuff' at Hammer Museum's Open Projector Night hosted by the Skylar brothers: Randy and Jason. The event drew a large crowd of folks from all walks of life. They served cheap beers and free popcorn. 

The Skylar brothers currently have a short segment show on ESPN's SportsCenter called "The Bracket," but some of you might recognize these guys for their witty acerbic commentary on pop culture on VH1's "I Love The 80s."

The submissions for Open Projector night is open for the public so we all were experiencing the video set together. The brothers encouraged us to boo or cheer through the first two minutes of the video which would determine if video would continue to play on. Some of the films were funny and there were some that nearly made you delirious.

A video called "F**k Your Sh*t" ended up taking the prize.

Afterwards, Jim (Hammer) invited us upstairs to enter the fun house installation they had on the second floor. It's the kind of place where gravity plays tricks on you.

Play the video below to grasp how strange and awesome this room is. Hammer Rules!

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Hypebeast LOVE For Vans OTW Frazier

Vans OTW's Frazier gets the military fabric/color treatment, a proper nod to the MA-1 flight jackets. Here's what Hypebeast had to say:

"Continuing their premium OTW campaign, Vans have just added this new colorway of their Frazier model to the run. As per the remainder of the series, the Frazier remains faithful to its skate-roots but is aimed at a more fashion-oriented demographic. Created using premium materials including a particularly resilient outer fabric and an orange leather lining, the shoe is finished with the classic vulcanised outsole and traditional side stripe."

Source: Hypebeast

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