Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wisdom of Quincy Jones

They say wisdom comes with age and it's interesting to wonder if the saying is indeed true, does age with wisdom make one a sage. I enjoy listening to stories, stories that tell a tale that humble you. Often times we forget about the greats, the ones that still live and inform us of what life once was. I came across this youtube clip of Quincy Jones telling his story of his childhood living in the south side of Chicago and how he came to fall in love with his craft of music.

Mr. Jones would of course later be known for his seminal production work of Michael Jackson's Thriller which has since sold over 110 million records, a feat that still stands in the record books. I was fortunate enough to come across this intimate interview of Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson during the making of that very debut album which would make Michael Jackson an international music icon. Take a look into true magic coming into fruition.

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