Monday, October 25, 2010

Patrick Martinez

The recent new issue of Juxtapoz magazine caught my eye due to the cover story of Barbara Kruger, the ground breaking artist who was known for reappropriating images and cleverly placing witty copy into her work. Her black and white images and her incessant use of the futura font could very well have influenced famed art skate brand Supreme.

And yet when I opened the issue, I was surprised to be taken by another feature story of noneother than LA's own Patrick Martinez. Martinez also happened to be interviewed than noneother than Vans OTW advocate Mister Cartoon. I met Patrick many years ago at the Soul Assassins studio while visiting Estevan Oriol, immediately I was taken in by Patrick's work. There's no question about his sheer talent and skill set, yet it was the subject matter that Patrick so effortlessly and boldly would portray that took be aback. When I see Patrick's work I see Jeff Koons meets street graffiti, but if you look closer, there's something deeper, something dark and something so uniquely brilliant about Patrick's commentary regarding pop art, latino gangland culture, consumerism and Los Angeles noir. I was amazed then when I saw Patrick's work and I am through and through impressed by the mature growth of his work. 

To see more of Patrick Martinez' work, go to -

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