Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hammer Museum Presents...

Last night I had a the privilege to attend 24/7 2010: THE STATE OF THE ART IN DIY VIDEO at the Hammer Museum.

The video presentation as well as the lecture by renown transmeda guru Henry Jenkins was an amazing experience. Essentially the presentation consisted of a mix of montage viral video clips, many of which you might have seen on youtube. The clips were curated in such a way to show the linear path of how ideas were spreading online. After the session was over, the lecture provided my Henry Jenkins shed some light as to how this cultural movements are shifting and moving toward a more complex world where communication is so key in spreading awareness through humor and shock-n-awe. One particular project created by Matt Harding who began a global art performance project where he travels the world and literally films himself dancing from all parts of the globe. Below is an example of his work:

After the lecture, we were treated to a live performance by audio/video mashup artist Mike Relm.

Mike Relm
Aside from Mike being a super talented DJ, he's ability to make scratching humorous is an art form in itself.

All in all let me just say that Hammer Museum is one of the best things that Los Angeles has got going on. I am always impressed by the fine job that the curator and the team at Hammer puts into their gallery exhibits but they're nightly events, particular their Tuesday events (free to the public mind you) are hands down one of the best organized events I have been to, they don't bore you with academic overload, they provide you information from a very thought provoking manner and you walk away feeling educated. Thanks to Hammer for a stellar event!

And of course we'd be quick to remind you that the Technical Director of the Hammer Museum is our dear friend, Mr.Jim Fetterly who we previously mentioned on our blog representing OTW.

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