Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dalton Trumbo

Donald Trumbo is one of my personal heroes. At the height of his illustrious career he was the most celebrated screenwriter during the golden age of Hollywood having written the stories of Spartacus, Roman Holiday and Exodus just to name a few. Trumbo was unfortunately the victim of the blacklist as the result of the infamous trials judges from the "House Un-American Activities Committee" which deemed him affliated with the communist party and having contempt for the court. Trumbo did not want to have anything to do with this court proceedings declaring his constitutional rights and he had an open disregard for the unnecessary fear hazing spurred by Senator Joseph McCarthy that was blanketing the Hollywood community.

When Trumbo was put forth before the committee, he decided to take this opportunity to question his questioners. Needless to say that this approach was not viewed in good humor, Trumbo was reprimanded. Take a look below:

Soon after the trials, Trumbo was convicted as a member of the communist party even though he had no interlinking whatsoever. The result of this blacklist put Trumbo and his family in a state of economic hardship. Trumbo would eventually move to Mexico with his family and would continue to write his screenplays through multiple pseudonym. In fact when he actually was nominated and won the academy award for best screenplay for "The Brave One" in 1965, his pseudonym was under the name of Robert Rich. The academy award was left unclaimed until after his death.

I was fortunate enough to come across Trumbo's documentary and I'd highly recommend you to watch this film and learn more about this man. Here's an excerpt from the film below:

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