Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TED: The Independent Diplomat

TED is a great forum where global thinkers share their ideas. Some of their ideas are candid and humorous, others are enlightening and heart warming. I am constantly impressed with the brain trust that TED offers so generously to the public. One story in particular that moved me was a story from Carne Ross, a former ambassador from the United Kingdom. Ross goes on to describe how he came to be of the position and later explains the surrounding events that gave way to him eventually leaving the foreign service; his feelings and ideas becoming more and more disenchanted, all this leading to the establishment of an idea and now a real concept, Independent Diplomacy. In other words, freelance diplomats who provide a service to nations of less power who do not have a thorough understanding of how the bigger and stronger nations communicate. This idea of a rogue, but completely legal means to provide assistance for the hope of actual dialog among disenfranchised peoples is a novel concept worth considering. Take a listen below to hear Mr. Ross' story.

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