Friday, September 3, 2010


HURTS is a new band hailing from Manchester, England. There is an eerie sound that emanates from this new outfit, a nod to Depeche Mode with a feel of A Flock of Seagulls, HURTS looks and acts the part. In fact there seems to be a lot of 80s sprouting these days. We have Madonna's "Material Girl" collection debuting at Macys, Lada Gaga who seems to channel Elton, Grace Jones and Cher; you are even seeing it's affect in bringing old 80s movies back such as the upcoming redux of "Wall Street." Could it be that the times of the '10s are the same as the '80s? The country is the midst of war, the economic times are shaky, yet expression of the arts echos a similar chaotic time.

It makes me wonder when HURTS sings in their chorus "Don't Give Up, It's a Wonderful Life" - that perhaps this message is coming from a sneer dark place. Regardless, HURTS actually sounds and feels good.

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