Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Holographic Art

When the film Minority Report came out a few years ago, Steven Spielberg hired a specialized group of futurist that consisted of scientists, philosophers and artists. This crack team was largely responsible for creating a world that revolved around touch screen technology, user customized advertising and cars that would automatically whisk you from one destination to another.

There's always been a debate whether science fiction conjures up and speeds science into making things come into reality, or perhaps it is vice versa, that sci-fi stories consume of artifacts of what is largely real and possible through mankind's modern feats.

What is more interesting is seeing how the roles of art has played in technology. Take note of the recent workings of motion graphics come alive via the iPad. These holographic paintings are introduced with the notion of what is called "light painting." The results are quite remarkable, take a look below!

Source: Dvice

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