Thursday, September 23, 2010

GIF Art by Dylan Fisher

The work of Brooklyn based artist Dylan Fisher takes new heights of public display for the masses to an artform in itself. I've been a fan of GIF art for quite some time. I really enjoy the idea of analog html being utilized as art. It makes one question if this type of art should be considered as such, but more so it opens the discussion for the idea that art can be extremely democratic and non exclusive. If art should always undergo the measures of artist to gallerist to collector, where does GIF art stand in our modern day of computing. Most artists use technology to create and advance their "manual" works, even if the art work begins on the computer, in the end the output of such concepts are still realized through a traditional article of work.

In other words, how would such GIF art be owned if in fact it's DNA is readily available in the source code? Another realm of art buying which has recently arose is the idea of creating art on a set url address. Once the art is made available, one may be able to "purchase" the artwork by simply outright buying the domain name. 

Is such art temporary or contemporary? Some things to think about.

For more of Dylan's work, go to

Oscillation 001

Field 001

Sphere 005

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Blogger Ben said...

I dont think just because this has been labelled 'fine art' it should immediately be up for sale or be praised. What is its reasoning? I look at this more as simple design work. There is plentiful similar work online that is not looking for such credit

September 23, 2010 at 3:46 PM  

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