Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Via Dimitri Coste: MEGA

Above is a picture of MEGA, a friend of OTW advocate Dimitri Coste. If you're wondering what happened to his face, this is the result of a scooter crash that MEGA endured in Bali.

These are Dimitri's own words in describing his friend:

"MEGA is a talented graphic artist and art director, but most of all he's a weird and very interesting animal. After being Art Director for Kink mag, BPM mag and WAD mag, he travelled a year in Brazil, then in Australia where he ended up being art director for Acclaim mag one year long. He later decided to move to Bali where he lives now for three years. His latest work has been working on projects for Complex mag, Volkswagen's Euro campaign among others....
Please go check out for more of his work."

Below are a few samples of his work:

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