Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ray Bradbury Turns 90

One of my favorite authors is the illustrious and talented Mr. Ray Bradbury. My first book I read from Bradbury was "Martian Chronicles," a fictional tale that included several short stories that took place some time in the near future regarding mankind's quest in exploring and to inhabit the planet Mars. I was only 12 at the time but for those brief 4 months while I read that book, I felt as though my mind traveled a long distance. I was almost saddened to have left that world once I finished the book. Bradbury wove his stories in such intimate and accurate detail, his command of prose read more Shakespearean than your average pulp science fiction writer. Oh and the fact that Mr. Bradbury is a writer based out of Los Angeles is something I became to be proud of as well. In fact anyone who has attended public schools has undeniably read one of his most famous books, "Fahrenheit 451."

This past Sunday, Mr. Bradbury turned 90 years old! It's great to hear that the man who has inspired a generation is alive and thriving. Bradbury is a self learned man, the story goes that Bradbury taught himself how to write simply by absorbing as much literature as he could via the Los Angeles public library. His education was one based out of earnest curiosity.

Here are a few books to take note of. Get your read on!

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