Monday, August 23, 2010

Mr. Thom Browne

Picture Credit: Chicago Now

Sophistication comes with time. I think gradually as we all get older, we're looking to take certain fashion risks. New York based menswear designer, Mr. Thom Browne is one such man who is leading a beacon of light in mens' fashion.

Picture Credit: NY Times

He is known for his shrunken suit jackets and his endorsement of pants cuffed above the shins so you can showcase your shoes, sock-less of course. When Mr. Browne first gained attention among the fashion literati, it was apparent that his unique take of the suit would affect the way we looked at skinny silhouettes.

Picture Credit: Supreme

Even street elite brand Supreme, a frequent collaborator with Vans, has also worked with Mr. Browne. Everything about Thom Browne revolves around shrinking and framing clothes to one's body. Showing shin skin and going sock-less didn't seem like a thing that only old stylish Italian men could do, Mr. Browne tempted us Americans to experiment. It took a while for the look to go sockless and wear your shoes naked would take effect. It some ways you gotta thank the man for letting people look at footwear differently as well. Mr. Browne made it ok for you to wear a tailored suit jacket and pant all the while allowing you to display your latest shoes. It's the same kind of thought that makes OTW bridge that gap from skate to leisure without skipping a beat. Oh and yes, we completely endorse pairing OTWs with your tweed jacket and non-pleated khaki pant. Mr. Browne would approve.

Photo Credit: On And Beyond

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