Monday, August 16, 2010

Midnight Ridazz

The Midnight Ridazz is a Los Angeles fixture (no pun for the "fixie" reference by the way) for anyone who has had the pleasure to witness this traffic mayhem. Consisting of a loose band of cyclists/performance artists, the crew is known to disrupt traffic flow and enforce their role on the streets of LA. I was walking around Downtown the other night and I could hear the honks and horns from a distant. As I turned the corner I was immersed in an explosive flow of energy. I whipped out my camera and quickly shot some clips of what I could. The Midnight Ridazz honked and screamed as they would disregard traffic signals and carried through their mission. An amazing sight to see.

To see the Midnight Ridazz in full display, take a look at this short film:

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