Friday, August 6, 2010

The Hello Wall

Cities are abundant of public spaces that go abandoned for years. Luckily for us Sydney based art collective, Wasted Spaces have taken it upon themselves to reclaim such spaces. What's interesting about this particular project is how technology, twitter namely in this case, can affect the way we imagine communication as an artform in itself.

Wasted Spaces commissioned London-based artist duo Hellicar & Lewis to develop The Hello Wall. The installation went live this Monday, March 8th. It uses Twitter to let the public interact with the huge wall projection on Wembley High Road.

Until Sunday March 14th, you can get interact with this live artwork by Tweeting commands to @thehellowall. You can use shapes (triangles, squares, circles), commands (more, less, shake) or just say hello@thehellowall.

The project is part of a 50-meter high outdoor video installation on Wembley High Road. In the past 5 weeks the installation has showcased international and home-grown artists including Rafael Rozendaal, David Szakaly, Robert Hodgin and currently, Hellicar & Lewis.

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