Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dimitri Coste Rides Circuit Carole

OTW advocate Dimitri Coste is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. We got along immediately from the jump when the entire OTW team had dinner at Gorbols a few months ago. I received an email the other day from Dimitri, the man has been extremely busy. Since his last visit to the States, Dimitri has been up to his knees on several photography projects.

These are his words:

"I had a Saturday afternoon off mid July and my friend Martin invited me to ride the Parisian track, "Circuit Carole." I knew it would be the only occasion to ride in the summer. My friend picked up my Triumph early in the morning and when I was done I took my gear and rode my Ray Barbee to the train station. An hour and a half later I arrived at the track on my board from the train station after putting my race gear in the train."

"It wasn't a cool event, but I just wanted to ride. I had time to drop the board and put on my helmet. It was a cool session battling with a G50 and a 1936 speedtwin. My buddy Joss gave me a ride back home after the laps, I could have left for Italy in a positive vibe."

Images: Courtesy of Drago

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