Friday, July 16, 2010

Public Transport

Living in downtown forces your curiosity to want to take the train. I think everyone in LA knows that the train exists but I doubt that many have ever taken it. Tonight I decided to take the train to connect with some friends in Hollywood. I walked down the subway terminal and couldn't help but notice how empty the place was.

I looked above and I wondered to myself if Star Wars had any bearing of influence for the architect. Those Dan Flavin-esque neon tubes were also an interesting aesthetic that bewildered me.

The exit to Hollywood took longer than expected. The train was far more packed than I realized. There were the usual low-income families, the stragglers and the tourists. It took me about 20 minutes to arrive to my destination. I briskly walked toward the Roosevelt to say hello to a few friends.

The Roosevelt was particularly alive tonight. It could have been the weather or it could have been that "air" of LA Summer that was permeating throughout the night. The pool was crowded with all the beautiful people and it really felt that Summer heat had hit LA. After greeting a few friends and sharing a drink I walked down Hollywood and took a gander at two Hollywood stars on the pavement. I think it was a stroke of luck on my part that I happened across two people which have been on my mind as of late: Ray Bradbury and Dennis Hopper. I just mentioned Ray Bradbury in my post a few days ago! In regards to the late Dennis Hopper, it just so happens that the debut exhibit of MOCA's new director Mr. Jefferey Deitch, revolved around the works of Hopper. I wondered to myself how many times Bradbury's and Hopper's star would be trampled on by the various drunkards throughout the evening. I suppose that's a Los Angeles story in a nutshell.

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