Monday, July 26, 2010

Jim Fetterly of Hammer Museum

There's a lot of great museums in Los Angeles. Personally my favorite has always been the Hammer ( located in the west side as an extension of the UCLA campus. The Hammer isn't the largest venue when compared to the MOCA and LACMA venues but what The Hammer might lack in gallery space, it makes up for in ambiance. The Hammer has curated shows that, for an institution, has been surprisingly left field and very progressive.

Of course a place like the Hammer isn't cutting edge for just any ordinary reason, it's the people who work for the museum. Meet Jim Fetterly the Technical Director of the Hammer, who's a dear friend of mine and a local Echo Park neighbor.

Judging from the picture above you can assess that the man is a character. The dog next to him is Copper, I'll mention more about him in a later post.

I noticed that Jim was wearing an old pair of sneakers. I felt that a man of Jim's stature deserved to step up his footwear game. I'd say those OTW herringbone Larkins look pretty good on him wouldn't you say?

While he handles an executive role at the Hammer, Jim is also an established visual artist as part of the art duo, Animal Charm ( His work carries on the grand tradition of Nam June Paik of the Fluxus movement. Animal Charm takes open stabs at pop culture by reappropriating "found media" and creating a new visual narrative. This was an art form long before the video mashups of youtube. Take a peek below to see a sample of his work care courtesy, ironically enough via youtube.

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