Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dan Schmidt aka Onaquest

I appreciate all forms of music. My good friend Dan Schmidt aka Onaquest has been spinning house and techno for years. Back in the late '90s when dot com start ups seemed to be popping everywhere, a site called Groovetech came about that was the first to combine the idea of streaming audio/video via Realplayer's 24k/56k modem speeds, and providing an online retail experience much akin to today's iTunes (except Groovetech actually shipped tapes, cds and vinyl). Dan used to work for Groovetech handling everything from stocking to filming live studio sessions. As a DJ, Dan's moniker as Onaquest is well received in the realm of techno and he recently launched a website called Echo Sessions - - that provides a conduit for all sorts of audio/visual media revolving around electronic music.

When Dan invited me over to The Broadway Bar last night, I didn't know I was in for a treat. The Beat House, another techno/house collective was holding a live mixing and voting poll session at the venue. I had a chance to hear a wide variety of talents djing their hearts out with their serato boxes and vinyl. The music must be appreciated from an aesthetic and cultural point of view. A brief look into the history of techno reveals the roots of modern day dance and hip hop music, as many early techno DJs were low-income black youths who reverted to producing beats on lo-fi equipment in creating their art.

I remember speaking with OTW advocate Ako about his music tastes and he mentioned he was listening to a lot of house music which totally caught me by surprise. Then again I had a feeling that the '90s would become a focus again as it seems as if fashion and style has recently reverted back to a more grunge/warehouse vibe. It could be the economy, maybe it's the politics of a liberal federal government. There's always several socioeconomic factors to consider, yet it seems as though music continues to play a vital role in providing the soundtrack of the times.

Above: That's Dan Schmidt aka Onaquest
Below: Onaquest rockin' a pair of crispy Gray suede/leather
OTW Larkins.

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