Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lower East Side Story

The OTW team all took off from different airports and we ended up, each and everyone of us having our flights delayed. My view from the window was square on the right wing.

New York was muggy and humid. After meeting with the rest of the Vans OTW camp at the LES Thompson, we took a walk down the block to get a drink.

We ended up on Ludlow and headed inside Max Fish, I haven't been inside this place for ages. It wasn't as loud as it usually is but rest assure once all the OTW advocates were assembled: Eric, Dimitri and Ako all held it down. Max Fish always has this vibe of 'Cheers,' a place where everyone knows your name and you'll bump into old faces. The bar's ambiance is unlike any other bar I've been to and it's evident that the Fish will remain as an institution for a long while.

Lucky for us the rain cleared and the night seemed endless. We ended up staying up till the early morning dawn and witnessed the morning sunrise. The night was definitely one of those epic moments where you understood the fraternal connection that makes the brand of Vans truly authentic. Sharing laughs, having a drink, and generally experiencing good vibes is hard to come by these days. If anything I came across thus far, are that the OTW Advocates are good people, colorful in their interactions. Let's see how the rest of this journey will turn out...

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