Friday, June 25, 2010

The Downtown Library

The central library of any great city. In Los Angeles, the Central Library aka the Richard Riordan Library is a great resource for information. Lately I've been finding myself spending a lot of time inside this building. In fact the picture above was taken in the corridor before you enter into the children wing. Aside from what the library is for the intelligentsia in all of us, there's also an overarching role that the library plays as a haven for the homeless. If anyone is familiar with downtown, it's no surprise that the homeless play a significant role in the streets. Estimates say that roughly 10% of the homeless in the United States alone reside in downtown LA. These figures were something that I would read in a consensus before and it wouldn't really faze me. But perhaps its due to either myself growing up and taking a direct moral standing in the affairs of the city I inhabit, or perhaps it hits me because I'm finding myself having to walk over a sleeping man while reaching for a book in my aisle. We strive to play our role as able citizens of any city and isn't it ironic that of all places where that hits home is at the venue where the quest and thirst for knowledge thrives.

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