Thursday, June 17, 2010

Brooklyn Field Trip

The day started off meeting with the Vans crew and the OTW advocates as we took a stroll around the LES.

Ako did his best Joe Strummer impression.

We ended up arriving to McSorley's, one of New York's oldest bars, it had all the trimmings of Old New York. The bar was a place where old and new spirits would frequent. A true New York institution.

Dimitri and I split off to Brooklyn to meet up with "Mister Tinker," a friend of Dimitri and a fellow motorcycle enthusiast. It was really interesting taking a tour of his garage, seeing all the various tools and equipment that went into making a custom bike.

Now that's one clean bike!

It's evident that Dimitri is passionate about motorcycles and the unique culture that surrounds it. I felt like I was learning a whole new world just listening in to these guys talk about various ignitions, welding, etc.

Since we were in Brooklyn, D and I headed to Eric's studio. I barely missed Omar (Commonwealth). I knew he was sharing a studio space with Eric so I was hoping I would surprise him but he already left by the time we arrived.

Eric's studio is an ideal work place. Wide space, high ceilings, plenty of work stations. The studio contains an air of creativity, you get inspired simply by being there.

Eric runs his own independent publishing company, "And Press." It's exciting to see that there are still people out there who believe in the exercise of the manual arts.

We later boarded the train and headed back to the city to meet up with the rest of the OTW crew and the new Vans office in Union Square.

The Lakers vs Celtics game was on, so naturally we ordered pizza and kicked back at the space. The new Vans showroom is really nice, plus I had a chance to see all the models and developments, quite exciting.

The Lakers won, hey what can we say? We later checked out the rooftop and took in the view. New York is really something else. And yes Good Night. We are off to Philly tomorrow, more updates soon!

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