Thursday, June 3, 2010

Americana Workwear

Morning dawn are my first memories of my father, hearing his old 1983 GMC 2500 Sierra roar on the driveway, he would let his engine run for a few minutes in the morning as he walked into the kitchen filling his thermos with black coffee. He rarely spoke a word in the morning. He had a stern face, his flannel shirt smelling of dirt and sweat from hot days in the sun. He was a blue collar man in every sense of the word. The strange thing was my father was born in Korea but he spent a good three to four years in Kansas and Oklahoma while enlisted as a U.S. Army Private. I've always wondered where he learned to strut in his worn out Lee jeans and his steel tip work boots. My father loved his truck, his flannel shirt, his Kenny Rogers music and his work boots. In assessing OTW's range of the debut collection, the Alomar model struck a particular chord with me.

In an ode to classic Americana workwear, the Alomar model aims to pay tribute to rugged workwear. Designers of Vans OTW took cues from the Vans classic chukka boot fusing it with a modern high top silhouette. Implementing premium materials, metal eyelets and aglets, synthetic suede lining and waxed cotton lacing; this shoe is made Vans OTW tough.

And I reckon it's a shoe even my father would approve.

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