Monday, May 17, 2010

OTW Launch Party in Downtown Los Angeles

Vans formally launched the OTW Collection last Friday May 14 at the infamous Haas building rooftop located in Downtown Los Angeles. Being a resident of downtown LA, I've become accustomed in making my rounds around downtown.

The Haas building has been a subject of curiosity for me. Sure enough as soon as I arrived the Vans crew was busy at work. I particularly enjoyed OTW advocate Eric Elms' 'Wish U Were Here' art signage. In fact, display of artistry seemed to be the keynote of the night.

I walked up to the rooftop and witnessed Mister Cartoon put his finishing touches to his wall mural. Already I knew that this wouldn't be your typical event.

I haven't been out in ages so reconnecting with old faces was something that was akin to an insect coming out of its pupa. But hey what better way to say hello to my fellow Angelenos than a rooftop party. You could call it a 'blast from the past,' old friends and new friends.

One particular new person I had a chance to reconnect with was the infamous blogger, Mr. Marcus Troy of 'Marcus of Troy' as I call him.We spent about an hour or so talking about, well blogging. The man is always on his hustle.

The evening had all the wonders of a good event. Excellent catering. Hennessey did their utmost in generously serving their unique cocktails throughout the night. Music from Earl Boykins and OTW's The Blackouts set the tone for the evening with RZA as the special guest performance as well.

Guest performer of the night, RZA was interviewed by OTW advocate Atiba Jefferson for an upcoming interview and photoshoot with RZA and The Black Knights in The Skateboard Mag.

These images of RZA are from OTW's very own advocate, Dimitri Coste. Be sure to check out his excellent photo blog here -

Vans even had the foresight of setting up a photobooth.

Here's a full slideshow of the night's proceedings:

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