Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's the Soul of a Sole.

If there's one thing I look at when selecting a shoe it's the silhouette but I always tend to take a glance at its outsole, afterall it is the foundation of a shoe's design. Vans has always kept its outsole (the waffle sole) consistent throughout its 40+ years being around, no small feat in today's age of copy&paste design culture. In fact, take an in-depth look at Vans OTW's Larkin and you'll take note of its slightly updated subtle heel tab logo and tread pattern, a nod toward its origin of Vans heritage.

Take a closer look at the detailed stitching around the cupsole and you'll notice it takes cues from both the high end trainer range. Of course having a full-length EVA midsole ensures the Larkin is a classic pair of Vans that graduates you to that next level of aspirational living. And yes herringbone fabric with leather binding doesn't hurt either. Yes, I'm gonna say it, these shoes are straight butters.

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