Friday, May 14, 2010

Childhood to Adulthood

For the longest time that I could remember, growing up in the San Fernando Valley, Reseda to be exact (yes home of South Seas apartments of Karate Kid fame), I spent those hot summers running around in Vans. I preferred wearing a pair of white Slip-Ons doing my utmost to keep them clean. Of course by Summer's end, those beloved pair of vulcanized shoes would be dirtied, soiled and weathered. I grew to love those shoes as they became an extension of me. I still wear Vans and its no surprise that the shoes remain classic, in both its design and its unique placement in pop culture.

For me, Vans is a brand that not only reflected emergent youth culture, whether it was action sports to music, Vans remained as an original. And now with the launch of the new OTW collection along with its advocates: Ako & Atiba Jefferson aka The Blackouts, Dimitri Coste and Eric Elms, you could say Vans has never been in better company.

OTW is a new collection from Vans and I'd like to think the shoes are a good representation of the culture that is the lifestyle in which we inhabit.

On a personal note, I'd also like to thank the Vans family for allowing myself to partake in this adventure that is OTW, in documenting both the aesthetic and cultural realm for which OTW represents. I feel this is a natural relationship that involves both coincidence and happenstance. I invite you all to take in what this new exciting movement within Vans will entail.

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